Why people who work on their mindset experience more success than others

Mar 16, 2022

Do you want to know why people who work on their mindset experience more success than others?

This topic is important because I'm noticing that in business...you can have all the tools, training and resources you need to be success in your business, but if you mindset is not right, it will hold you back.

People who work on their mindset experience more success because they know success has to be created.  They know success takes preparation and they know they have to put in work.  And when I say “put in work”, it doesn’t mean that the work has to be hard. You might have a lot to do because there are so many moving parts to creating success, but it doesn't mean that  it’s hard. It’s only as hard as we make it in our minds, because if one person is doing it or has done it....you can do it too.

People who work on their mindset also know that there will be failures, but you know what’s cool about failures? When the failure comes, it’s like "ok, that didn’t work"….so let’s figure out what can be done, to make it work. Now they’ve experienced what they don’t want, which helps them know what they do want, which brings them closer to achieving their goal.

Success is something that has to be created.  If you sit around waiting for something magical to happen, you’ll stay exactly where you are.  I’m not gonna lie, before I started working on my mindset, I used to be around here just thinking positive and praying to God saying “God you are the father of everything and I know you say I can have anything I want…..so bring it to me lord and make it easy!”  

I used to have the mindset that if anything felt hard…..it wasn’t from God and it had to be the devil …and you know why I thought that way? Because I had the belief that God is not the author of confusion and if my body felt confused, it must not be from God….  It felt uncomfortable just having the thought of doing something outside of my comfort zone and I was like….oh no, God wants me to feel good inside….so guess what I did?  I would ignore the uncomfortable feelings  and keep on living my normal life day to day….just being hopeful. 

And see a lot of times, we don’t want to FEEL uncomfortable…..so that’s exactly what people do….they feel uncomfortable, then they ignore their feelings ….and ignoring the feelings is your opportunity to grow,.....but when you ignore the feeling, it keeps you stuck and repeating the past.

What I found out later in life when I began working on myself….. is that success is something that you have to create.  God made all of us to create and if you are not creating success and the life you want…..then what are you doing everyday? 

Are you working a job that you don’t love?  

Are you feeling purposeful in your life? 

Can you truly say and feel in your heart….that you are happy?  Like really think about that…..are you 100% satisfied with how your life is going?

Once I began doing the work on myself and identifying the thoughts and beliefs that  held me back…..I realized that I was in my own head.  I was scared of starting a business because what if I failed? I was afraid that everybody would be like….

“uh huh, see that’s what you get…. going out there trying to be somebody.“ And what realize…..those same people I was afraid of being judged by….are probably still in the same place  repeating life cycles…..while I CHOSE to create the life I want for myself.

You want to know why people who work on their mindsets create more success?....., because they do the work on themselves which removes the success blocks that hold them back and when you are free from the success blocks……

you get to move with confidence and work through the fears …towards  the direction of your dreams and you begin building and creating the life you want.

If you are not living the life you want…. It is  time to decide. It’s time to decide  if you want to move forward and begin creating or…you can decide to stay exactly where you are in your life.  

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Because it is time for you to begin creating a life that you love!

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